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Choreographic Interfaces


Choreographic Interfaces

In 2022, metaLAB (at) Harvard presented Curatorial A(i)gents, an exhibition of machine-learning ex- periments with the Harvard Art Museums’ digital archive. This led to the creation of Surprise Machines, a visualization project that displayed the entire universe of the museums’ collections, and a choreo- graphic interface that enabled visitors to interact with the show’s projects via a dance vocabulary. Since then in project Data Sensorium, metaLAB has begun exploring how archives can be further en- gaged via the translation of datasets to movement scores. In this talk, principals Lins Derry and Dario Rodighiero discuss the research arc.


Lins Derry is a researcher in the domains of human-computer interaction, data representation, and choreography. As a Principal at metaLAB (at) Harvard, Lins researches how choreographic interfaces and data embodiment can be developed toward both functional and aesthetic ends. In 2020, she graduated with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Prior to this, she performed with dance companies based in New York, San Francisco, and Montréal, and toured internationally as a solo artist.