On Designing Phygital Narratives within the Cultural Heritage Ecosystem

Amid the phygital turn, a pivotal confluence of physical and digital domains, this symposium delves into the profound transformations impacting cultural experiences, design paradigms, and the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage. The synergy of technology and the human body has redefined our engagement with the world, replacing passive screen-based interactions with dynamic, sensory-rich encounters. Designers face the challenge of crafting interfaces that embrace acoustic, visual, haptic, and tangible stimuli, emphasizing the choreography of potential interactions. In the realm of cultural heritage, this evolution ushers in user-centered, participatory and prosthetic use of technology in an ecosystemic interaction, claiming the urge of a new era that reshape the boundaries of human experiences within the cultural heritage realm.

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About ALICE Project

Scientific Committee

  • Letizia Bollini, Ph.D
    (Conference Chair)

    Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (IT)
    Professor of Interaction / Communication / Transmedia Design

  • Andrea Resmini, Ph.D.

    Department of Intelligent Systems and Digital Design, Halmstad University (SE)
    Professor of Information Architecture and Experience Design

  • Marco Mason, Ph.D.

    School of Design, Northumbria University (UK)
    Professor of Design Research for Digital Cultural Heritage

  • Marco Borsotti, Ph.D.

    Department of ABC, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
    Professor of Interior and Exhibit design

Organising Committee

  • Faculty of Design and Art, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano IT

  • Letizia Bollini, Ph.D


  • Giulia Faccin

    Research Assistant
    Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (IT)

  • with

  • Chiara Facchini

    Politecnico di Milano

  • Beatrice Citterio

    National PhD Candidate



  • Panel 1

  • 10:15–10:35

    Raffaella Trocchianesi

    "Through Multilayered Landscapes: Phygital Narrative and Cultural Identity"

  • 10:35–10:55

    Davide Spallazzo

    "Exploring the Role of Boundary Objects in Mobile Experiences for the Cultural Heritage Field"

  • 10:55–11:15

    Willeke Wendrich

    Digital Nubia: the Co-Creation of a Cultural Landscape

  • 11:15–11:30


  • 11:30–11:45

    Social Break

  • Panel 2

  • 11:45–12:05

    Elena Canadelli

    Designing Natural History Museums’ Ecosystem Between History and Future Digital Perspectives

  • 12:05–12:25

    Claire Bailey-Ross

    Phygital Playful Narratives and Embodied Interaction: A Case Study in Reimagining Cultural Heritage Spaces

  • 12:25–12:45

    Nicolò Ceccarelli

    "Design in Presence"

  • 12:45–13:00


  • 13:00–14:30


  • Panel 3

  • 14:30-14:50

    Felix Meyer-Christian

    "Transmedia Documentary Theater: Performing in Virtual & Reality”

  • 14:50–15:10

    Lins Derry

    Dario Rodighiero

    "Key-Study: Choreographic Interfaces & Curatorial A(i)gents"

  • 15:10–15:30

    Lisa Moren

    Under the Bay – A Story Told by the largest Estuary in North America

  • 15:30–15:45


  • 15:45–16:00

    Social Break

  • Panel 4

  • 16:20-16:40

    Roberto Gigliotti

    "Transgression. Body and Time Perform in Exhibited Space"

  • 16:00–16:20

    Marco Borsotti

    Exhibition design as a ‘relational trigger’: Phygital environmental systems to inhabit cultural narratives

  • 16:20–16:35

    In dialogue Richard S. Wurman


  • 16:35–17:15


  • 17:15-18:00

    Final Remarks


The symposium will take place inside the facilities of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. All talks will take place in room F6 (upper floor – pavilion F). The University is well connected with the rest of the city, restaurants and accommodations.

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By train

Bolzano Centrale Train Station.
10 min walk from the UNIBZ and to the main accommodation options. For more details check the Trenitalia website.

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Every 10 min from Bolzano Centrale Train Station. Check SASA timetables for precise timings and stops.

By car

Brenner Motorway A22
Brenner State Road SS12
Merano-Bozen motorway


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