Giulia Faccin

Letizia Bollini


Research Assistant - Free university of bolzano-bozen (IT)

"ALICE" project"


Giulia Faccin graduated in Design and Art from the Free University of Bolzano in 2016, producing a web documentary on juvenile nihilism and the interplay between quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. She pursued an M.A. in Non-Linear Narrative at KABK in the Netherlands (2020), focusing on Asmara’s Italian architectural colonial heritage and narratives in visual representation and photographic apparatuses, presented in a VR docu-essay titled “Where Italy Sleeps - Learning from Asmara,” and showcased at the Dutch Film Festival 2020.
She was recently shortlisted at the World Press Photo - Digital Storytelling for “Panorama - Nature as a Witness”(2020), took part of the IFLab interdisciplinary research program “Limits to Growth” (2022) and co-authored an essay with Corinna Canali as part of the “Meta.Spaces - Visions of Space from the Middle Ages to the Digital Age” publication (OÖ Landes-Kultur - 2022). Her methodology integrates qualitative and journalistic research approces with storytelling processes across mediums, including documentary filmmaking, motion graphics, visual arts, programming, and emerging media like AR and VR. Giulia employs diverse media and visual languages to promote scientific dissemination, environmental awareness, and sociopolitical consciousness. She works on recurring themes such as collective narratives of escapism in visual culture and politics, tangible and intangible heritage, paradigms of green capitalism, and demystification of technological biases.
Currently, she serves as a research assistant in the ALICE research project at the Free Universtity of Bozen-Bolzano.